Yolo County - First California
Superior Court to Use E-Filing
for Civil Cases

Law offices can now file court documents with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

     SANTA BARBARA, CA - Filing court cases just got easier for attorneys in Northern California. This July, Yolo County Superior Court put into action the latest in court technology: Fax filing via the Internet. Yolo decided to take this first step as part of the ultimate goal for Electronic Filing and has selected the E-Filing system, created by IMAGE-X (Santa Barbara, CA). Excited by the results, the court's civil operations supervisor, Arline Lisinski, states, "Now, law professionals can file cases electronically increasing productivity for both attorneys and the court. But taxpayers will be ultimate beneficiaries." Hundreds upon hundreds of worker hours are spent attempting to improve record management. By replacing manual, paper-driven archive and filing systems storage space for physical records - case files, exhibits, hearing minutes, etc.- staff time can be better spent.

     Yolo County has a population of over 150,000. Surrounded by both large and small counties including Sacramento, Sutter, Solano, and San Francisco, cases filed in Yolo County often involve attorneys from these neighboring areas. "This can create a tremendous bottleneck for filing attorneys, particularly if they have to file a document at the last minute," states Lisinski, Court Operations Supervisor.

The court was also combating the confusion of different filing fees required for each county.

     Filing attorneys sometimes refer to an adjacent county's filing fee document for convenience, which can ultimately result in the filing being rejected, by the court. By using e-filing, attorneys access the current filing fee list for a particular court and submit the appropriate fee with their document. This provides a quicker, easier way to file documents and provides a dramatically shorter turn around time for attorneys to receive their file endorsed copies. This technology allows the courts to operate more efficiently, thereby lowering costs, resulting in better service to the general public. In addition, E-Filing allows the court to reduce paper handling by using digital files. The electronic process allows documents to be submitted 24 hours a day.

     More and more courthouses across the country are moving toward electronic filing. States such as California, Texas and New Jersey already accept electronic documents with increasing numbers of counties and states participating every day. This is definitely the trend and it's here to stay. It is estimated that by the year 2002, the lions share of the nation's courthouses will be processing files digitally, according to Dr. Mohammed Shaikh, chairman of IMAGE-X, creators of E-Filing.com.

    Each year, an estimated 25 million court filings and another 25 million non-court related filings are made all across the United States. The total cost of filing these documents amounts to billions of dollars. Using Internet-based E-Filing technology can dramatically reduce these costs.


    E-Filing.com will provide fast, cost effective document-filing services all over the world for delivery of critical legal documents using its innovative technology and marketing. E.Filing.com will use franchising as well as direct marketing to expand its market to offer this unique e-commerce application to users throughout the USA. E-Filing.com will establish itself as a market leader in delivering this technology to consumers that at present use couriers to deliver critical legal documents to both government and commercial agencies.


     The technology, developed over the last seven years, is based on IMAGE-X's proprietary software modules (Managed Information Document Services - MINDS, and Data Broker). This software uses Internet-based filing, storage, and retrieval modules. E-Filing has begun providing its service to California courthouses and is ready to expand its operation to other states. E-Filing.com can also be useful to other government agencies and organizations e.g. business office licensing, corporation filings, etc.

     IMAGE-X is a nationally renowned full-service document management company. The firm recently won The CIO Web Business 50/50 Award for its E-Filing.com web site This award honors 50 Internet and 50 Intranet/extranet sites that have a proven track record of delivering business value (see www.cio.com for details). IMAGE-X also won the 1998 Process Innovation Award for the superior application of information technology to solve business problems, Advanced Imaging Magazine's Solution of the Year award, and was instrumental in E.M. Jorgensen placing 36 in InfoWorld's top 100 companies. Clients include American Airlines, Nordstrom, Universities, as well as European and Asian clients. IMAGE-X is strategic business partners with companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Data General, Compaq, SUN Microsystems, Novell, Computer Associates, Oracle, Sybase, Progress, Fujitsu, Kodak among others. For more information call 805-964-3535 x 35 or e-mail us at mohammed@e-filing.com.

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